Hatsan Hercules QE Air Rifle


Hatsan Hercules QE (Quiet Energy) air rifle

  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Repeater
  • Magazine capacity: .177 cal=17-rd, .22 cal=14-rd, .25 cal= 13-rd, .30 cal=10-rd, .357 cal=9-rd, .45 cal=7 rd
  • Velocity with lead pellets: .177 cal=1300 fps, .22 cal=1230 fps, .25 cal=1200 fps, .30 cal=1070 fps, .357 cal=930 fps, .45cal=850 fps
  • Quiet Energy Barrel Technology integrated sound moderator and fully shrouded barrel
  • Side-lever action
  • Integrated sling mounts
  • Anti-double-feed mechanism prevents more than one pellet from loading when gun has been fully cocked
  • Anti-knock system
  • Fill reservoir up to 250 bar
  • Advanced polymer, tactical stock
  • Integrated pistol grip
  • Adjustable rubber butt pad
  • Dual safety, manual and automatic
  • 11mm/22mm rail
  • Black metal trigger
  • 2-stage fully adjustable trigger
  • Precison rifled choked barrel for accuracy
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Shot count at optimal velocity: .177 cal=70, .22 cal=65, .25 cal=62, .30 cal=51, .357 cal=48, .45 cal=15
  • Muzzle energy: .177 cal=32.5 fpe, .22 cal=49 fpe, .25 cal=64 fpe, .30 cal=97 fpe, .357 cal=142.5 fpe, .45 cal=290 fpe
  • Detachable rotary magazine
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Includes quick-fill nozzle, two rotary magazines and two 500cc air cylinders

Recommended Pellets for .45 caliber are 166 & 176 grain.  Heavier pellets may not fit in magazine.

The Hatsan Hercules QE air rifle is a stealthy powerhouse of PCP kinetic energy. The high shot count allows for a long day of target shooting, and enough powerful follow-up shots to take care of whatever you’re hunting.

The QE technology incorporates a fully shrouded barrel with an integrated sound moderator that cuts shot noise by approximately 32%. That means all your shots will be even more enjoyable. The ergonomic, tactical stock is constructed from an all-weather advanced polymer and stands up to harsh conditions in the field.

Add a sling and you’re ready for your choice of the range or a great day of hunting.

The Hercules incorporates two 500cc air cylinders resulting in the shockingly high shot count. One cylinder rests in the forearm while the other resides in the buttstock.

Tech Tip: Due to the Hercules’s 1000cc capacity, handpumps are not recommended.  We only recommend this gun for shooters with the ability to refill the airgun with a high pressure tank.



Caliber 0.45″
Max Velocity 850 fps
Muzzle Energy 290 ft/lbs
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 23.0″
Overall Length 48.4″
Shot Capacity 7
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight none
Rear Sight none
Scopeable 11mm dovetail
Trigger Two-stage adjustable
Buttplate Adjustable
Suggested for Hunting
Action Sidelever
Powerplant Pre-charged pneumatic
Function Repeater
Max Shots per Fill 15
Body Type Rifle
Fixed/adj. power Fixed
Weight 13.0 lbs
Cylinder Size 1000 cc
Shrouded Yes
H-HGHERC-45 [PY-4160-7950]
Stunning power, Quiet Energy, high shot count
Included: Two magazines, two 500cc air cylinders

Caliber 0.45″
Max Velocity 850 fps
Muzzle Energy 290 ft/lbs
Stock Synthetic
Color Black

Additional information

Weight 13.0 lbs
Pick Your Caliber Option

0.22" (5.5mm), 0.25" (6.35mm), 0.30" (7.62mm), 0.357 /9mm, 0.45"


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