Diana Stormrider Multi-Shot PCP Air Rifle


Diana Stormrider Multi-shot PCP Air Rifle

  • PCP
  • Bolt-action
  • Repeater
  • Up to 26 FPE in .22 / 20 FPE in .177 with lead pellets
  • Up to 900 fps in .22 / 1050 fps in .177 with lead pellets
  • Manual safety
  • Gen. 1 Rifles feature a single-stage, non-adjustable trigger
  • Gen. 2 Rifles have the new DIT (Diana Improved Trigger) 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Checkered beech stock
  • Raised cheek piece for right-handed shooters (stock still usable for left-handed shooters)
  • Fully adjustable rear sight
  • 11mm dovetail
  • Integrated manometer (pressure gauge)
  • 200 BAR/2900 psi fill pressure
  • 9 shot magazine in .177 / 7 in .22
  • Includes fill probe with male quick disconnect fitting
  • Includes rotary magazine and single-shot tray

Please note: The Gen1 Stormrider has a shorter muzzle brake than the Gen2.  The Gen1 is rated for a sound level of 3/5.  The Gen2 is rated as a 2/5.  

Lay down a shower of lead with the Diana Stormrider!

Since 1892, Diana has produced high-quality airguns that are as reliable as they are accurate. While the Stormrider may not be their first PCP, it’s certainly the most budget-friendly. With a straightforward, no-frills design, the Stormrider’s combination of repeating shots and great features make it a serious contender for one of the best entry-level PCPs.

The first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the German beech stock. It’s sturdy and contoured with checkering on the grip and forend. With a thickness of 1.5 inches wide and a total weight of 5lbs, the Stormrider is easy to handle for shooters young and old.

Hands down, the best feature of this Diana is its repeating shots. Simply load up the rotary magazine and slide it into the breech which secures it into place magnetically. With 9 shots in .177 and 7 in .22, cycle to a new round with a quick flick of the bolt action. Once you charge up the 200 BAR (2900 psi) cylinder, you can send rounds downrange at 1,050 fps (.177) and 900 fps (.22). Additionally, if you want to shoot one shot at a time, a single-shot tray is included. It also includes open sights with a fully adjustable rear sight and an 11mm dovetail for mounting your own optics.

If you’ve wanted your own PCP airgun but the price has held you back, the Stormrider gives you a budget-friendly PCP design that lives up to the Diana name.

Tech Tip: The front and rear sights are removable. It may be necessary to remove the rear sight when mounting an optic longer than 10″.

Please note: Gen. 2 Stormrider packages incorrectly list the overall length as 38.5″ while the correct overall length is 40.5″ for this version due to the longer moderator. The correct overall length for the Gen. 1 Stormrider is 38.5″.



Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 1050 fps
Muzzle Energy 20 ft/lbs
Loudness 2-Low-Medium
Barrel Length 19.0″
Overall Length 40.5″
Shot Capacity 9
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight Blade
Rear Sight Adjustable for windage & elevation
Scopeable 11mm dovetail
Buttplate Rubber
Suggested for Small game hunting/target practice
Action Bolt-action
Safety Manual
Powerplant Pre-charged pneumatic
Function Repeater
Max Shots per Fill 40
Body Type Rifle
Fixed/adj. power Fixed
Weight 5.0 lbs
Cylinder Size 100 cc
Shrouded Yes
Upgrades Gen. 1
DIA-1900001S [PY-4449-9296]
Stormrider with Front Sight on Moderator, Single Stage Trigger

Caliber 0.177″ (4.5mm)
Max Velocity 1050 fps
Muzzle Energy 20 ft/lbs
Stock Beech
Grip Ambi
Color Brown

Additional information

Weight 5.0 lbs
Pick Your Caliber Option

0.177" (4.5mm) Gen. 1, 0.177" (4.5mm) Gen. 2, 0.22" (5.5mm) Gen. 2


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