Benjamin 392 Pump Air Rifle


To maintain the seals for a long time, remember to put one pump of air into the gun when putting it away after shooting. Whether you plan to shoot again the next day or not again for another 2 years, always put one pump into the gun when you’re done shooting!

This air rifle has no scope rail or dovetail. If you buy one of the scopes or dot sights listed in the accessories link, you will need either the Crosman 3/8″ Intermount or the Air Venturi Weaver/Picatinny Intermount.

An American classic! The Benjamin 392 .22 cal. rifle is a multi-pump pneumatic. The hardwood Monte Carlo stock is sleek and lightweight. The rifled brass barrel is finished in black and sends pellets out the muzzle up to 685 fps. You can vary the velocity by the number of pumps (up to 8). The 392 has the power and accuracy to take small game and pests, but you’ll find yourself picking up this rifle every time you want to plink or shoot spinners.

Although this gun has been made for decades, the manufacturer continues to put extra fine details in the rifle, such as a swelling in the forearm to make it easier to pump and a fully adjustable rear sight. You can put a scope on the 392, but you’ll want to use the B272 intermount to do that.


Caliber 0.22″ (5.5mm)
Max Velocity 685 fps
Loudness 4-Medium-High
Barrel Length 19.25″
Overall Length 36.25″
Shot Capacity 1
Cocking Effort 3-8 pumps
Barrel Rifled
Front Sight Blade & Ramp
Rear Sight Adjustable for windage & elevation
Scopeable No
Buttplate Plastic
Suggested for Small game hunting/plinking
Trigger Pull 5.5 lbs
Action Bolt-action
Safety Manual
Powerplant Multi-pump pneumatic
Function Single-shot
Weight 5.5 lbs
Benjamin-392 [PY-205-570]
Classic multi-pump pneumatic that’s ideal for hunting small game.

Caliber 0.22″ (5.5mm)
Max Velocity 685 fps

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs


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